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tv   Hannity  FOX News  August 31, 2010 12:00am-1:00am EDT

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i'm bill o'reilly. spin stops right here because spin stops right here because we're looking out for you. captioned by closed captioning services, inc ♪ ♪ >> sean: all right. think fast. right wing conspiracy is alive and well according to president barack obama. in an interview with brian wilson of nbc news the president was asked to respond to the recent "time" magazine poll that showed one in five americans thinks he's a muslim. president obama says he knows who is to blame for this poll. take a look. >> we went through some of this in the campaign. you know, there is a mechmism, network of misinformation that in a new media era can get turned out there constantly. >> sean: a mechanism of misinformation. my, that sounds awfully familiar, doesn't it? >> the great story here for anybody willing to find it and write about it and
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explain it is the vast right wing conspiracy that has been conspiring against my husband since the day he announced for president. >> sean: in the interview the president raised the issue of the birth certificate again. he can't stop talking about it. take a look at this. >> i'm not going to be worrying too much about whatever rumors are floating out there. if i spend all of my time chasing after that, then i wouldn't get must have done. i have would say that i can't spend all my time with my birth certificate plastered on my forehead. >> sean: guess who is coming to the defense of the aminutes toed one? the old pal, former pastor, jeremiah wright. wright lashed out at voters of those who identify the president as muslim referring to them as "enemy" and "sycophants." joining me, the president of the revival of the right wing conspiracy, return of reverend wright and governor
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sarah palin. welcome back. thank you to be here. >> my highest privilege to be with you, sean. thank you. >> sean: i don't know what to make of the president and his answer and the right wing conspiracy and the -- why is he bringing this up? just coming off vacation. he seemed defensive and angry. what was your reaction? >> my first reaction was listening to brian williams and wondering brian, that's stealth reporting. you are not going to follow up and ask in the heck is barack obama talking about? what is he insen waiting? i was appalled at the notion that brian was letting him get away with the false accusation that there is some suggested right wing conspiracy again. knowing that the media still are in his back pocket still. >> sean: you know what was amazing to me? basic questions that went unasked in the interview. for example, why is the state department, why is barack obama sending a controversial
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imam that says america is accessory to 9/11, why are we paying for him to go to the middle east? what did he think of the comments when he said barack obama -- when he said that he was made in the usa? what can they not come up with? >> they can't ask the basic questions. nobody is asking the questions unless the president were to i join you on your show, sean. the state of journalism today is sad with the main stream media to allow the president make false accusations. it's a lot like bill clinton made a point in the presidential campaign when barack obama misrepresented hillary clinton record and her intentions and bill clinton said this is the biggest fairy tale i've seen. that remains today. it continues to be a fairytale that barack obama
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wants to perpetuate and lay all over the american people. the media is not asking the questions like you are pointing out that have to be asked. >> sean: i have been contending from day one that the president is more radical than he lets on. the president now, look where we are economically and where he has been on international affairs. is anything he's done surprised you at all? or is this what you expect from him when you were running as vice president? >> what surprised me is he would be so bold to appoint his czar so far on the left. i thought he would be more politically astute and bring moderates in. those calling the shot with him and for him are on such a far extreme left they are doing great damage to the country. you are seeing more and more people engaged, motivated because we're concerned and we'll do something about it in the november mid-terms to take the gavel away from
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those who are the sheep underneath president obama right now, pelosi and reid. and are conducting some activity in implementing policies. by adopting policies that aren't right for national security. >> sean: you put yourself out there and made it known you are supporting more conservative candidates. many people that you went out on a limb for, people you endorsed shattered the illusions of the establish. ment the candidates are breaking through. as you look at the candidates you supported early on, endorsed, not establishment candidates even this your home state of alaska, how do you interpret that? what do you think is happening in the country? what is the mood and what does it tell us about november 2? >> there is a craving in the electorate to balance out extremism we see on the left that's running the show.
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people know to balance it out, we need more not the g.o.p. establishment that has gone along to get along but those who are bolder, more protectionist of our constitution. more conservative. that's who we are seeing through the top on the primary. we have a miracle on ice going on in alaska, the dynasty, the murkowski family, with a sterling resume and understanding the constitution challenged her. he is winning in the vote count. i think you will see the alaska election manifestation of voters' desire to see positive change. >> it's interesting that they are already trying to vilify him in any way they can. paint him as extreme because he says constitutionally maybe privatizing social security is the best thing to do and maybe government is not best to control everies a
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peck of our life -- aspect of our life. this is joe miller. i agree with you. if you look at poll, 40% of the people identify conservatives and 20% identify as liberal. we're more conservative. he thinks the republican party, establishment, more toward conservative leaning than republican. >> i do believe that many in the g.o.p. machine, in the top upper echelon of spokes in the machine, their understanding people say enough is enough. of going along to get along. isn't it funny that people think extreme position is one of protecting the constitution and recognizing that the federal government has limited rights and it's only the rights that we as electorate give them to implement and they can cover us with? isn't it funny they consider
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it extreme? nothing that founders would have envisioned. >> sean: that was the answer that joe miller gave over the weekend. he said you're out of touch with founders and framers and the constitution. governor, we have more. polls to show you and more on the election coming up. also coming up, we have more with governor palin. dick morris will be here to break down how the tough economic times could hurt the president and members of his party in november. shocking news about the ground zero mosque developer and his
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over democrats. 51% of voters say they would side with the republican candidate. only 41% say they would vote for the democratic candidate. to put all of this in perspective, from the g.o.p., ten-point lead, by the way the is largest any party held since gallop began tracking the ballot in 1942. we continue now with former alaska governor, fox news contributor, governor palin. 1942. this is the largest lead a party has ever had. could this be bigger -- >> amazing. >> sean: -- than '94? >> this is huge. huge. it's encouraging, but it's also, wake-up call, that has to be heard by the constitutional conservatives to get out and vote for those running for office who get it. when we get to poll, pull the lever for the right person.
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the white house is under estimate the wisdom of the people. the government is not the answer. those who govern the least are the best. >> sean: that's resonating the most. that's from ronald reagan's speech. i read reagan's writing. "reagan in his own hands" is one of the best books to read. the republican party gets this is a conservative movement or ascendancies. what do yousy the five items to run on now? >> we need growth incentive to allow economy to be on the right track. we need the promise made and kept by the candidates they will do all they can to not let barack obama increase the taxes. 18 weeks from now, we'll be slapped with the largest increase in taxes in u.s. history. if the bush cuts are allowed
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to expire. that's nonsensical in the state of economy. we need to run on energy independence to make sure the land set aside for energy to be explored. we do to that be secure. we are in a hole. we need to quit digging. the common sense things, we need to make sure they're taken care of. >> sean: taxes. cutting spending. energy independence. controlling the bill before voting on them. not apologize for america. that would round out the top five or six items. >> let me add, too, we need to quit coddling our enemies and poking our allies in the eye. i don't know what the heck the foreign policy is coming
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from the white house. we know there is great uncertainty in the economy. we don't know if the allies can count on us. that's antithesis of ronald reagan. we need the enemies with a healthy fear of america. the friends knew they could count on us. >> i know you were out in washington and you've been with candidates on the stump. whenever you go, you seem to draw the most attention of any political figure out there today. what do you think the difference is? i know candidates would like to have your popularity, but they don't.
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>> i am blessed that the platform i've been given can be used for good to get the country on the right track. there are so many people out there, you being one of them. what people want to hear are time-tested truths and how they can be applied to challenges facing america today. the acknowledgment that there is nothing wrong with america today that americans can't fix. you have the same platform. a lot of candidates are out there with the same. let's be thankful for that. >> sean: the message is simpler than some make it out to be. i wish some republicans and i know they talk about putting ideas on paper. i would like to see promises on paper. good or bad idea? >> great idea.
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that is nothing that you can lay your hands on. we need to hold them accountable. you signed a contract. stick with it or you're fired. >> so for the next 60 days you are going to be doing what? are you thinking about your political future? >> not about my own political future. my concern is the mid-term and turning it around. this is a desperate time in america. unfortunately, we you look at the characters in the white house, we have to realize that they are getting desperate. we need to be careful and astute in the next two years when it comes to hearing what it is that they're going to do to america. we need to make sure that we have congress elected to stop
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what pelosi and reid has done. >> sean: can i catch salmon in the backyard over your shoulder? >> you can catch a little bit of fish out here. absolutely. you need to get up here and do your show from right here. >> sean: greta went up there and -- she didn't go fishing. i don't get it. good to see you. thank you for being with us. >> thank you. >> sean: we have more "hannity" coming up. dick morris next. straight ahead. with capital one's venre card, weget doublemiles on every purchase. echo! so we eaed a trip to the grand canyon twice as fast. uh-oh. we get double mis every time we use r card. i'll te these.
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>> sean: there you have it. 64 days to go until voters can turn the country in the right direction. i can't get here soon enough, not for the struggling economy. numbers for the second quarter economic growth have now in. and just 1.6%, that's worse than previously expected. not at all in tune with the administration recovery summer tour. president obama responded to the frustrating figures today. even got in another jab yet at president bush. >> it's been nearly two years since the terrible september when our economy teetered on the break of collapse. at the time, no one knew how deep the recession would go. we knew it took a decade to dig the hole we're in. i would would take longer to dig our way out.
12:24 am
>> sean: what is more disturbing is the news came as no surprise to the president. >> we anticipated that the recovery was slowing. >> sean: so why then is vice president biden pushing this message? >> the economy has been growing. for a full year. not happening as fast as we would like and not fast enough for those still out of work. no doubt we're moving in the right direction. >> sean: joining me is the man whose message never miss a beat. former clinton advisor and author of the best seller "2010: take back america." you predicted the double-dip recession in your book. >> a good track report. in "outrage" we predicted subprime crisis. "fleece" we predicted the stock market crash. the stimulus mess and 2010 the double-dip recession. >> sean: how about predicting
12:25 am
massive recovery -- >> in 2010 we are expecting taking both houses of congress. >> sean: i give you credit all along. i challenged you when the predictions were off. i recalling being right on elections and you being wrong occasi occasionially but you said this will be a political tsunami. political earthquake. use whatever met roar you want. fighting back against those saying it will be hard to take back the senate. you say it's not. numbers prove it. explain. >> it's hard but we are going to take back the senate and more likely with several seats to spare. you have four -- all the numbers are on dick my website if you want to go there. there are four states, indiana, delaware, north dakota and arkansas. huge leads in those state. we need ten to take power. in nevada, sharron angle and
12:26 am
reid are tied. 44 -- it's 45-44, angle by one. but when an incumbent is under 50% of the vote, the undecided always goes against them. this is really a 55-45 angle victory. >> you're making the case when the electorate pays attention after labor day historically. you say anybody under 50% that's incumbent, all of those so-called undecided that are out there, they're -- >> ask you, are you going to be married to the next woman next year? if you say i'm undecided. >> sean: that doesn't bode well for the marriage. >> right. are you going to have the same senator next year? i'm undecided. in pennsylvania, where there is an open seat, pat toomey is nine points ahead. >> sean: pennsylvania is always a state that seems within range and never gets within range. >> no. 40 to 31.
12:27 am
basically sestak has been behind ever since the job offer came out. colorado -- >> sean: that's five. >> that's six. four, plus nevada and pennsylvania. >> sean: that's six. >> then colorado, another, you know, in effect open seat. michael bennett elected. he's behind but the republican that just won primaries by 49-40. nine-point lead. that's the 7th seat. then you have washington state. where dino rossi, the challenger is at 52 and patty murray the incumbent is at 45. now that one you can't quite say is done but it looks done. rossi has over 2 million on hand. looks like a very good race. that is eight. >> sean: eight. >> nine is wisconsin. russ fiengold is getting 46% of vote. the challenger ron johnson is getting 47%. johnson can use financial help. send money if you are listening.
12:28 am
that is a race that look like we'll win. that is nine. >> sean: a hard nine. >> hard nine. you need ten. then you have illinois which is an open seat. kirk the republican and giannoulias the democrat are tied at 45 each. now since there is no incumbent, the undecided will break one way or another. that is one we need to win and focus on. kirk has more money and giannoulias has no record. the only thing he's done is run a bank that the fdic seized three months ago for making loans to mobsters. in california, boxer at 49. fiorina is at four. don't count out new york. mcmahon is 40 and bloomberg is at 50. that is 50/50. i think mackman has a shot in
12:29 am
connecticut. next week, september 14, two weeks, the new york state has the primary and probably nominate a strong opponent to gillibrand. my guess is we'll win control. >> sean: wisconsin, illinois, california, connecticut, new york are the big -- look, i want people to stay focus on nevada. harry reid is pouring millions in the race. >> if there are two places i think money and assistance is needed, wisconsin, illinois and nevada. nevada, americans for mu doing expenditures. >> sean: dick. we'll replay the tape november 3. have you then. >> i'ven myself in trouble more times since then. >> hope so. coming up, he refuses to say where the money is coming
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like prom queen. [ telephone rings ] [ male announcer ] want a great deal on car insurance? go to esurance. >> sean: where does charlie crist stand on the healthcare bill? it's hard to tell because he doesn't seem to know. months ago he was opposed to the whole idea. here is what he said last friday. >> healthcare bill, how do you vote on that? >> i would have voted for it but i think it can be done better. >> sean: that's not the case either. hours later he released a
12:32 am
statement saying he misspoke. he said had i been in the u.s. senate at the time i would have voted against the bill.
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>> sean: so wile overseas the state department funded trip, imam feisal abdul rauf trying to deflect the blame for opposition to the ground zero mosque and is quoted as saying there is no doubt that the election season has had a major impact on the nature of the discourse. so, he's trying to blame it on the mid-terms. i guess he has to blame something, but that's not all. last week, the mosque developer sharif el-gamal refused to answer where he was getting the money from. >> where does all the money come from? >> sharif el-gamal, why won't you talk to us? why are you running? >> sean: more details developing about the developer and the "new york daily news" reports he had several run-the with the law, disorderly conduct, dwi, petty larceny, patronizing a
12:35 am
prostitute and assault and el-gamal does not deny it. he says, "i regret many of the things i did in any youth. i have not always led a perfect life." joining me is the president and founder of american forum for democracy, jasser and film-maker. thank you for being here. first, political? is that the reason? >> well, you know, this is the thing. first, it's racism, then islamophobia as they lectured a few weeks ago and now it's political. >> sean: you forgot hate muslims in there, too, as well. >> yeah. he seems to have found a political issue that's united reid and patterson with gingrich and palin which speaks to how non-political this is and how it's more of a testament -- if these were moderate muslims they would look how to be humble and how to bridge-build with the community. 70% of americans think it's the wrong idea. as an american muslim, this
12:36 am
is really just driving a knife in the wound. it's really the wrong thing to do, no matter how well intended they may be. >> you know what? i want you to respond to that. it's 71%. cbs news poll. >> if this is not political i don't know what is. this is not about what feels right to do. this is about our freedom. >> sean: i didn't ask you that. you're not answering the question. >> this is a compromise -- >> sean: stop giving me platitudes. i know you're a spokesman. >> i'm not a spokesman. >> sean: answer the question. 71% of the people -- >> based on what? based on what? >> sean: 71% say it's inappropriate -- >> that's based -- >> sean: can i get my question out? 71%. if this is about bridge-building, why not listen to 71%? >> 71% based on what, sean? based on lies that are being disseminated all over? >> sean: what lies? >> based on sues he's not a good man, muslims are
12:37 am
terrorists spreading -- >> nobody said that. who said that? >> sean: i'm sorry, didn't newt gingrich say treated muslims like nazis? >> we have to look at the statements. >> politicians saying this. >> sean: he said americans are accessory to 9/11. he wants america to be shariah compliant and said osama bin laden was made in the usa. all things -- >> this is not just about the mosques. this is about mosques throughout america. >> that's where you are wrong. that's where you are wrong. [ over talk ] >> many of -- >> a few days ago. what happened with the bomb exploded in a mosque this jacksonville, florida? what is going to happen when a priest burns the mosque -- >> you're attacking -- >> i'm not attacking. [ overtalk ] >> i'm stating the truth. >> across the country without a problem. this mosque is different. 15 stories -- >> if it's different, why are they against mosques
12:38 am
throughout america? answer one question. this is the different, why are americans, many americans opposed to muslim centers and mosques throughout america? in florida, california, everywhere. >> you're not doing counterterrorism work and showing america we need to lead -- >> if you need counterterrorism, we have -- [ over talk ] they are doing that. if we need someone to do that we have departments in charge of that. those departments -- >> you are poking your eye in this. >> to do work for them. [ overtalking ] >> with $100 million structure started by a developer most of us would have nothing to do with based on the track record that sean described. you want to us believe this is islamic -- >> i have nothing to say about the developer. i have nothing to say about the developer. i am here to defend freedom of religion for everybody.
12:39 am
we want the restore values like respecting equality and freedom of religion. that's the value. >> sean: i want to know why -- this is a simple question. i want to know why this imam will not condemn terrorist group hamas and why you won't condemn hamas? >> i'm not here to discuss politics. >> sean: i didn't ask about politics. >> here to talk about a specific issue. if you are going to distract with these other issues and you can lay blame on the imam, fine. but how could you not blame what is happening throughout america? don't you see the violence and hatred, we should stand up promoting tolerance and understanding and being a model for the world. no double standard or slippery slope. freedom of religion for everybody. >> freedom of religion. >> freedom of religion could now go to mecca or medina? >> i'm not talking about saudi arabia. i'm talking about america.
12:40 am
our values and our democracy, sean. >> sean: we have to run. that's revealing. appreciate you being with us. time to check in with greta for a sneak peek. how are you, greta? >> greta: i'm well. i'm alone at the studio but i'll be joined by unbelievable guests. joe miller out of alaska who might be the next nominee for the republican senator if he squeaks past murkowski. marco rubio wants to be a senator and he is here as well. plus, governor jan brewer who sent a blistering letter to secretary of state hillary clinton is here to go on the record. we have a very busy dance card on the record. >> sean: how you did not go fishing in that backyard i don't know. >> greta: it was beautiful in alaska. i love alaska. >> sean: i love it, too. >> greta: flying there is a little dangerous, a little dicey. >> sean: only one of two states i have not been to. i will go there. greta, god willing. appreciate you being with us. let not your heart be troubled. our great, great, great american panel up next.
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>> sean: good night, former "usa today" contributor, and singer bob beckel is here. leslie sanchez is back, and one of the most successful college football coaches of all time, former notre dame coach lou holtz is back. good to see you. nice to have you out of the concert tour this weekend. >> by the way, i want to thank the people in las vegas and san diego, conservatives nice enough to -- i mean this since sincerously. appreciate you not booing me. it was very, very nice. i did had to spent three days with hannity and i didn't sleep. so i won't say anything tonight. lou holtz is on so i particularly won't say anything. >> sean: we have a record
12:46 am
now. government dependence, redistributing the wealth. one in six americans are paid by the government. more than 50 million americans on medicaid, 40 million americans get food stamps. increase of 50%. because of the obama recession. >> talk about $524 billion, what the programs cost us. i was born in the depression. i was born in the cellar. there was no food stamps or welfare or safety net. my dad went to third grade and drop out to support us. you found a way to get things done. if you give things away, people take it. we have an obligation to help other people. why don't we have food kitchens in the government instead of giving people money. i had people say i need money. okay, i'll take you over there. no, i can't go. just get the money. like anything else, people have to learn to handle for themselves. difficult times. i don't know the answer. $ 522 billion, where does it end? >> sean: we have a
12:47 am
constituency here. half of americans don't pay taxes and the other half are the beneficiary of the taxes the other half pay. you have a full voting bloc. it seems like the democratic party, bob's party caters to that. >> an entire generation built on the safety net. no doubt about that. it's spending on auto pilot. programs that you need in recession, yes, in the hard times. the problem is nobody wants to look to be fiscally responsible in good times. republicans have been talking about, this looking at the controls. medicare, medicaid -- >> sean: but the american people are demanding it. we got off an eight-city concert and i never felt intensity and energy and you read the polls. you are now more worried about polls on your side than you have ever been. >> first, let me say i want to give -- [ inaudible ] to lou holtz and the terrible situation. he is worth more than all of us combined. but he worked for it. he worked for it. >> sean: look at the story about his father. i read his book.
12:48 am
>> i read all of his books. >> as he pointed out times -- >> you could read it. >> let me say one thing about this, if i could. when we started the programs, those of us who are liberals believed we were doing the right thing. we ended up with two generations of people and we made a mistake. we have to correct that. it doesn't mean that there are not room for programs. we need them. but a lot of us on my side own up here -- >> sean: that is an honest answer. >> it's a true answer. it is difficult if you depend how to understand how to go get it done for yourself. >> first, there is nothing more miserable than to get whatever crumbs the government -- or cake they'll feed you at the end of the day. i'll move on. we have our own state department. they are sending a controversial imam and his wife to the middle east. we're paying the bill for that. which is numbing. i can't even answer that. our own state department now is reporting arizona to the
12:49 am
u.n. human rights commission in a violations report. in other words, jan brewer, the law they passed that reinforces the federal law, we're not reporting to the u.n. human rights commission. >> first, there is always going to be an enemy. everything that happens, there is always an enemy and a bad person, fat cat, et cetera. as i understand it, the laws are similar. but here is the difference. the government said my goodness, arizona is going to enforce the law. we can't let that happen. that is the only difference. what i don't understand you talk about family. why take it to the united nations? if you have a problem, work it out within the family. why take it to the united nations and say investigate it? >> sean: interesting, jan brewer wrote a letter, great letter to clinton and said the idea of our government submitting dually enacted laws of a state, to the united states to review by the u.n.saz internationalism run amok and unconstitutional.
12:50 am
she's right. >> i agree with the governor. hypocritical and not what the arizona, you know, disagreement is about, with the justice department. this isn't sex trafficking or human trafficking. this is an issue -- >> sean: the law, it cites federal law. as the foundation. we'll take it -- the human rights commission had great countries. gaddafi's libya. saddam hussein's iraq. iran. >> are you finished? >> sean: no. now i am. >> add a few more countries. >> arizona law is not like the united states government law in this respect. if we went down driving in arizona, lou holtz wouldn't be pulled over and asked for identification. you wouldn't. i wouldn't. you might, my friend. >> sean: the law specifically prohibits it. >> that is the problem. >> sean: the obama administration didn't argue that point. >> i know and they should have. >> i better go to arizona, i
12:51 am
was stopped bay policeman and he asked for my driver's license and i.d. >> coach, there was probably a good reason to pull you over. but i'm telling you that -- >> but -- >> if i get pulled over and run a search for outstanding warrant, is that unconstitutional or unfair? >> what is unconstitutional is pulling somebody over because they have a different skin. >> sean: the law says you can't do that. >> or they don't speak english. >> the law specifically prohibits it. >> it's a false argument. yes, there are, in most cases the law enforcement does the right thing. few bad apples. >> coach, i let you -- i have a cracked rib. my whole side is black and blue. >> i have news for you. we run the football. don't throw it. >> more on the great american >> more on the great american bboss: our breakout session is gonna be great. got the gecko t-shirt... "4 million drivers switched!" gecko water bottle... notebook... chamois... gecko: sir, i feel a little bit uncomfortable with all... you know... with all this. i mean, it's not about me. should be about how geico's the third-largest car insurance
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>> sean: we continue now with the great american panel. you said something, coach. you said that was the most courageous thing you've ever heard a liberal say of the anti-poverty programs that failed. >> i used the wrong adjective. i should have said the most intelligent. >> why did i think that was just going to last as a wonderful thought. he says wait to get on the air to give me that shot. [ laughter ] >> sean: i mean -- >> look. lou holtz knows something. when you are in sports, and you play football m particularly, you run across a lot of kids coming out of poor backgrounds and they're recruiting. in football were overly taken care of. we don't have to work as hard. you don't have the ethic. >> sean: talking about people in tv? >> a lot of people i played football with, who were poor kids and believed as i do.
12:57 am
i found it to be a problem. >> i found football was not a my myco -- microcosm of society. whatever happens in football is what is happening in society. >> let us not forget, today, tonight, a child will be born to a crack mother some place in this city. the mother shouldn't have had the baby, the father shouldn't have ig pregnated her, but it's not the baby's fault. that make's what makes me a liberal. that child from now until it's 18 -- >> sean: you talk about the money wasted and we spend more money than ever and double down on dependency and the redistributive model, we have to pay taxes -- >> we're not spending more. >> sean: we never spent this much money ever, bob. that is the point. >> big program, aid to women with dependent children is cut dramatically. there is very little welfare.
12:58 am
>> you agree earlier about reforming welfare. in '96 with the clinton and republican congress and getting it done. the system needed to be reformed. >> what needed to be done, that program -- i was for that -- said you're rewarded for working. if you don't work over a certain period of time, you should receive welfare. that's a favorite to people. that's where they'll learn. learn that. >> sean: let me move on. roger clemens pleaded not guilt. we start with you, coach. charge is lying to congress whether he used steroids or human growth. >> what about congress lying to the public? is that an offense? >> sean: stop there. congress lying to public. what about presidents lying to the public? >> what the media doesn't tell you he didn't do one thing accused of anything illegal. i wasn't illegal to take the drug, wasn't illegal by baseball. wasn't unlawful. we have unemployment and deficit of $1.3 trillion and
12:59 am
1.9% by the fed. and why in the world are you fooling around with this? what does it have to do with -- he said he didn't do it. know roger clemens. the fact it wasn't illegal. >> what was illegal he swore before a committee that he was going to tell the truth and he didn't. he purgered himself. the fact he was a great -- was at it perjury trap? >> no, wait. because he was friends with george bush, with the texas rangers in baseball in texas, they say it was the democr democrat -- the point i say he said he didn't do it. let the trial go ahead. >> sean: you said something that struck me. of the times that congress lied to us, are they brought up for perjury charges? >> why were they investigating the sucker. they don't have a thing to do with it. >> if roger did performance enhancing drugs and i believe he did, he should be -- >> it was not illegal by baseball or the law. >> he lied in front of a


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